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Bidar, the "crown of Karnataka" is known for its historical connections from the Bahmani era and bidri-handicraft products. One of the jewels in the crown is its famous & rich fresh Mangoes. GoMango is a dream which has been nurtured and realized with relentless effort by showing profound interest & passion in growing mangoes from small saplings to grown up wonderful trees. Witnessing the advantage of right climate and best suiting soil for the orchard farming, our farm has varied mangoes with different flavours which ripen at slightly different time intervals.

"Oh, and they smell good & the view is like awe struck, too!"---GoMango

In the northern part of the district is characterized by expanses of level and treeline surface punctuated and surrounded by reserve forests. We can see alluvial deposit along the banks of the Manjra river and its main tributaries and is best suited cultivation for horticulture. Hence, this region has been experiencing flourishing thousands hectares of fresh Mango & Citrus limetta orchards in the entire belt. Our endeavor is to produce outstanding-quality mangos for the consumers in the market who always want to purchase again and again requires a commitment to quality by each and every stakeholder involved in mango production and handling till its consumption stage by various industry. Harvesting the best mango & ensuring quality is identified under mango harvest and on ground practices are hinged on the improved strategies.


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